About Daniel Young's Skateboards

Daniel Young, born and raised on the island of Oahu, is the son of renowned furniture makers Robb and Tish Young. Learning and refining the fine art of woodworking from the age of 5, Daniel has always sought for excellence in his craft.


Handcrafted Quality

Each build is meticulously handcrafted in Washington State, and designs are constructed to the exacting standards Dan Young's Skateboards has become known for all across the world. All Legacy series boards are limited-production runs, and individually made.

Unparalleled Design

Local and exotic woods are used to create specific colors and designs without the use of any dye, stain or paint. Sand from Hawaii is appliquéd to the top of the deck, as an alternative to grip tape. This provides both a unique heritage look to each board, and a better feel for riding.